Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Hello everyone 
Today I am here with kids favorite jelly recipe. 
My kids are too fond of jellies and can have any time. They always insist to buy , so I thought why not to give it a try at home also. I always try to avoid non veg addition to my daily cooking so tried my hands on agar agar for this recipe. As summer is knocking and lovely aromatic mangoes are in season and also had some strawberry syrup in hand so made these irresistible mango and strawberry veg jellies.
This is so easy and quick recipe that you all will definitely going to love it and surely will try also.


Lt water
gm agar agar strings ( China grass )
3-4 tbsp sugar (as per taste)
tbsp strawberry syrup
1/4 cup mango pulp


Soak agar agar in 1 cup water for 20- 30 mins.

 Heat 1 Lt water in pan and add squeezed agar agar in itCook till agar agar get completely 
dissolved in itNow add sugar in it , cook till sugar dissolve and turn off the flame.

 it cool a little ( nearly 5 minsthen divide it in two equal partsNow add strawberry syrup to one and mango pulp to other part and mix well

Pour in desired molds and let it set for 15 - 20 mins.

 gets set at room temp itself but to fasten the process you can keep it in fridge also.
It tastes better when served chill.
If you are willing to make double layer jelly then pour one flavor in mold and let it set a little then 
pour second flavor .

Be careful with your jelly mixture as it will  set at room temp also , so to keep it in liquid form make sure to keep it warm.
When one layer is setting , keep the left one mixture in hot water bowl 
to avoid setting it in jelly form .
You can make jelly of any fruit juice of your choicein the same way.
You can add more sugar as per your taste . I kept it mildly sweet.
Your so easy yet delicious veg jelly is ready to serve to your lil munchkinsI am sure 
they will love it. It can be served as party snack for kids, in tiffin or in evening snack 
They will always love to relish on this lovely colorful dessert.

I hope you will like this easy peasy kids friendly recipe . Please share your valuable comments and suggestions to improve my effort further and give you more satisfying easy yet healthy recipes always.

Happy cooking....